135mm Isotherm Insulation


This is the 135mm isotherm insulation single roll price. Achieve massive electricity savings on your monthly power bill with isotherm. Regulate indoor temperatures keeping it cooler in summer and warmer in winter. 100% Polyester thermally bonded nonwoven.

  • 135mm x 1.200mm x 5000mm
  • Area Roll: 6m2
  • R-value: 3.14
  • Density: 11.5kg

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Once installed, the 135mm isotherm insulation can have a 3 – 6 degree difference on indoor temperatures. Heaters will warm the indoors up much faster and aircons will cool down the rooms much faster. It pays for itself by reducing the electricity costs of energy-consuming heating and cooling systems.

135mm Isotherm is not SANS compliant for Johannesburg and Pretoria. The insulation is under the required R-value specification when installed. It has been specified for the following zones below:

  • (Temperate Interior) Zone 2 – R-value – 3.20
  • (Hot Interior) Zone 3 – R-value – 2.70
  • (Tropical Coastal) Zone 5 – R-value – 2.70

The Polyester fibres used in the manufacturing of ISOTHERM are not known to cause allergies. To date, the proper use of this fibre product has not been associated with any detrimental effects on health. The soft texture makes it easy to roll out and cut to size. Pleasant to touch, simple and safe to install. No loose fibres or itching.

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