Direct 150 Litre Solar Geyser Kwikot Kwiksol

The Kwikot direct 150 litre solar geyser is manufactured for inland use, as well as for coastal regions in South Africa.

16 Solar Vacuum Tubes

Additionally, it can be used in areas that received a bit of frost. It also runs best when the quality of water has less than 600ppm.

This type of direct solar geyser is installed externally. Usually on the top of the roof with the solar vacuum tubes below. This is a Close Coupled System (thermosyphon circulation).

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Explanation on direct solar geyser: The direct geyser system pumps the warm water through the vacuum tubes attached to the geyser. The water warms up while running through the solar manifold. On completion, the water is pumped into the storage tank of the solar water heater.

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Kwikot Kwiksol Direct 150 Litre Solar Geysers

  • SANS 1307 Approved
  • SABS 400kPa approved
  • Frost and frost-free usage
  • 16 solar vacuum tubes
  • Used as a close coupled system or split system
  • The inner cylinder is manufactured from 2mm steel
  • Polyurethane insulation between the inner cylinder
  • 2x aluminium sacrificial anodes for corrosion protection
  • Used as a conventional electric water heater and as a solar water heater


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