500mm Whirlybird


  • 500mm whirlybird roof vent
  • Industrial whirlybird
  • Warm roof air extractor
  • Adapted for highly corrosive environments
  • The bearings are corrosive free
  • Delivery in 3 – 4 days from order
  • Anywhere in South Africa

This 500mm whirlybird vent (roof air extractor) is used to circulate air in buildings, extracting hot air and moisture and replacing with new fresh air.

Suitable for warehouses, factories, barns, farm sheds, stable blocks, chicken houses, commercial kitchens, public buildings like libraries, large clinics and schools, churches etc.

These 500mm roof ventilation whirlybirds (roof air extractors) can be delivered anywhere in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Western Cape, Durban (KZN).

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500mm Industrial Whirlybird
  • 500mm Whirlybird

The 500mm whirlybird vent (often referred to as a roof air extractor). The 500mm industrial whirlybird vent circulates the air in buildings. It extracts hot air and moisture and replaces it with new fresh air.

The whirlybird vent provides excellent ventilation in a warehouse, factories, farm sheds, stable blocks, chicken houses, commercial kitchens and public buildings like libraries, large clinics and schools, churches etc.  They are fuelled by the wind. They only need a light breeze or heat in the building (convection) to start working (spinning).

These industrial whirlybird roof air extractors have 2 superior qualities being completely silent, sealed and lubricated bearings. This is especially relevant as the whirlybird vent does not become noisy at all.

Industrial whirlybird vent –  No maintenance cost

Furthermore there is no maintenance costs and no need for electricity. These roof mounted whirlys are manufactured from quality materials and will not corrode, chip, dent or rust.  The roof vents are very strong (minimum of 10 years in the sun) and they are specifically designed to be maintenance free. Unlike the traditional metal whirlybirds they have been designed to have basically no scrap value.  This reduces the risk of theft.

The 500mm roof mounted industrial whirlybird vent measures 555mm across the vanes. Additionally, the dimensions of the base plate supplied with the 500mm unit are 910mm x 615mm.

Additionally you can fit these whirlybird roof vents on any type of roof. Normally at the highest point (hot air rises to the highest point).

Manufactured from top quality virgin polypropylene with colour and UV stabiliser included in the plastic.

The standard colour for the 500mm roof mounted wind turbine ventilators is silver (other colours can be manufactured subject to minimum order quantity)

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Advantages of the 500mm whirlybird vent in South Africa

  • Durability – The plastic used is heat stabilised. It has been UV stabilised for in excess of 10 years (they wont melt in the sun nor will UV affect them) – they don’t rust.
  • Sturdier and lighter – They are lighter but sturdier than the metal equivalent which allows them to start up more quickly – slow start up can result in leaks;
  • Beautiful – The quality is exceptional – they are aesthetically very pleasing, and the colour is in the material so can’t and doesn’t peel off;
  • Exceptionally free moving – furthermore 2 x Sealed bearings make this unit exceptionally free moving. Starts in a whisper of a breeze.
  • Flexible – additionally, the plastic is slightly flexible and is unlikely to dent in most hail storms.
  • Theft “proof” – the plastic does not have a scrap value. So they are unlikely to be stolen – theft it is a real issue with anything metal;
  • Chemical tolerant – this plastic is chemical resistant (acids, ammonia etc) unlike most metals.

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500mm whirlybird Specifications

  • 500mm throat size
  • Extracts about 4400 cubic metres per hour @ wind speed of 15 kms per hour
  • Designed to fit roof pitches from 0 to 45 degrees

Roof air extractors guideline

  • Install 1 per 375 cubic metres of building to achieve ideal air changes per hour (12)
  • Install 1 per 750 cubic metres of building to achieve the minimum recommended air changes per hour (6)

Whirlybird vent installation cost

If you are a handy person you can avoid the whirlybird installation cost by installing the roof vent system yourself. If not, and you need a whirlybird installer to install it for you then you can contact us. The whirlybird installation cost can vary depending on the difficulty of the installation. You are looking in the range of about R900 to get us to install it for you. Please check with us first if our whirlybird installers cover your area.