Commercial vs Residential Solar Power

There are many reasons why we can agree that a decrease in the amount of money we spend on energy is a great thing. This a lot harder than it seems at first. Since residential solar power needs some preparation and knowledge to pull off properly. Take a look at some of the differences between commercial vs residential solar power.

Residential solar power often has less efficiency compared to its larger cousin – commercial solar power, but you can still greatly benefit from its use. Green energy will take a good bit of preparations, so if you want to learn more about solar power and how you can implement it in your new home read further on:

Commercial vs Residential Solar Power

Commercial systems have many advantages you can really use, especially when you compare them to the usual residential power systems.

They can be installed in better-lit locations where the tech can really do its magic, they also have better storage cells and other subtler improvements, but they also tend to be more expensive and require more space.

Consider this and look for the possible options on the market, since solar power is constantly evolving into better, more efficient versions of itself thanks to many companies on the market.

Green Power can be a Real Life Changer

commercial vs residential solar power johannesburg

There is a great reason why most people want to have solar panels around their home. This will not only give you a great chance to supplement your already existing power grid but with the recent developments in solar power, you may even have a chance to stay off the grid itself.

As technology develops and weather conditions tend to favour hot summers and sunny days with global warming, this type of green power can be a real life changer in the right circumstances. If you buy a place that has enough space for it, solar power will become a great way of obtaining energy.

The dependency on dirty energy and power companies with higher prices of energy will be a thing of the past with the right setup. Take a look at the advantages of solar energy in South Africa.

Solar Water Heating Systems

There is a different solution apart from the usual photovoltaic approach, which lies in the use of solar water heating systems. These provide a cheaper and efficient way of heating your water without electricity, making them a great solution if you need it during the summer. Although a photovoltaic solution will net your electric power, it will still need to be paid off for at least a decade, so consider this before you move on with the needs of your home.

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Once you figure out the subsidies that go into the price of your system, you will be able to pay it off. Solar heating systems can pay themselves off in a matter of a few short years, while photovoltaic systems will take longer, but it will be well worth the effort. Both ways have advantages and disadvantages in what they do, but in the end, they will both be worth every penny spent on implementing them into your home design and planning.

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