Energy Saving Home Insulation

You need to consider changing or adding energy-saving home insulation. One improvement like this can decrease your heating costs and significantly lower your utility bill and protect the environment at the same time. Enhancing the insulation isn’t as difficult as you think if you keep some easy home insulation tips in mind.

Seal up the leaks

The most important step you need to take is to seal up leaks that will let warm air out and cold air in. You don’t want the home to feel cold in the winter so you need to block it from getting in. You’ll have a much more comfortable indoor environment and you won’t need to increase the heat settings from your thermostat.

If you have doors that aren’t sealed properly, cold air can get in so you need more heat. Cold air can get in from the frame all around. You can try weather stripping that you can find at any large or small hardware supplier and you can stop the air from coming in, not just heat but your air conditioning too to seal it in. If you still cant get it right, then its time to call in a roof insulation specialist to have a look and give you a price.

Insulate your walls with energy saving home insulation

The wall insulation acts as a protectant to stop cold air from getting inside. If you have any holes in your current insulation, this lets the cold in. This needs to be repaired to get rid of the gaps. You can easily overlook this and this can do harm when it comes to comfort in the winter time.

The air can come in through the electric outlets and this can also harm your electrical wiring. You need to get foam inserts that can be installed behind plastic covers and install insulation.

145mm isotherm | 135mm isotherm

Solar film on your windows

Your home basically has two weak spots where you can lose heat or gain heat. They are the roof and the windows. If you have already insulated your roof, you should take a look at getting solar film installed on your windows. People often think that solar film only works during the summertime to prevent the heat from coming through the windows. But the new aged window films also help keep the heat you have generated inside your home inside.

Keep your appliances clean

Another way to save on energy is to keep your appliance clean and make sure they are regularly maintained. Get rid of dust from the heating vents or the refrigerator. Build up like this can decrease the life of the appliance or require more electricity for it to work. Cleaning it will make it run better and extend its life.

Consider wearing thicker clothes

If you don’t want to turn the heat up, then just wear thicker clothes or consider layering. This will keep you warm and give you extra body insulation. You can have thick and thin layers of clothes, or multiple thick layers if you wish. Check for your heating performance occasionally to determine if you need any enhancements. Regular maintenance and a simple check can save you money and keep the heat at perfect temperatures.