Insulation Specialist

When you decide that its time to insulate your home properly, you want to make sure that you choose an insulation specialist to do the work for you. There are a lot of important factors to consider when insulating your home.

Your roof is more than likely filled with wires pipes and possibly downlights and you don’t want some fly by night insulation installer damaging any of that. In the end choosing and installer that installs insulation at a cheaper price than the professionals will just end up costing you more money.

Choosing an Insulation Specialist in South Africa

Always ask the right questions when getting your home insulated. Make sure the installer is fully insured! If something were to go wrong, you want to make sure you are covered.

Make sure you are getting the right advice about which product and thickness to install. We see this a lot in South Africa. Installers that claim to be insulation specialists will offer inferior products to home-owners to make a quick buck. You should always use the name brand insulation products not some cheap version of the original. Many homeowners rely on the insulation specialist to provide them with the right facts.

145mm isotherm | 135mm isotherm

Buying the right thickness of insulation for you climatic region

If you are getting offered 75mm or 50mm insulation for your home, that is definitely NOT sufficient! You will end up paying quite a hefty sum of money for a thickness that won’t really benefit you in the South African summers and winters. check out easy home insulation tips.

It does also depend on which climatic region you are in. For example in Durban, it doesn’t get cold so 100mm insulation is required by the SANS building laws. When you move across to Western Cape, make sure you are getting at least 135mm roof insulation installed. The same goes for consumers in Johannesburg, Centurion and Pretoria.