Think pink aerolite insulation is currently the most well-known insulation product in the world. The product has been around for over 75 years. Everyone has heard of or had think pink installed in their roof at some point. There are huge benefits to having it installed in your roof.

Take a look below at some of the advantages of getting this product installed.


Aerolite Insulation Saves Money


Aerolite reduces power consumption. Once installed, there is absolutely no reason to run heaters and aircons all day. This is how homeowners can put money back in their pockets. It keeps a comfortable and constant temperature in your home.

Keeping You Warm In Winter


think pink aerolite price per m2 installersOn cold days and nights, you can turn on a heater to create a bit of heat inside. Aerolite will retain the heat generated and keep your home warm inside. You will not need to keep the heater running for too long. It warms up the inside of your home really fast compared to an uninsulated home.

145mm isotherm | 135mm isotherm


Keeping You Cool In Summer


On warm days, it will stop the heat from coming in through the roof and ceiling. This heat would normally heat up the ceiling boards from above and the heat radiates into your home.

This is also why an uninsulated home still feels so hot at night. The ceiling boards are still warm and still radiating heat into your home.


Soundproofing And Acoustic Properties


Think pink aerolite has amazing soundproofing and noise dampening properties. Once installed in your roof, you will notice less echo inside your home. For example, if your TV was playing in your lounge at night. There would be less noise travelling down to the rooms where family members might be sleeping.

It works both ways. The noise from outside your home will also be less intense from the inside. So if you lived on a busy road, you would hear less noise from passing cars on the outside.

Think Pink Aerolite R-value


The R-value of an insulation product is very important. The higher it is, the better the thermal and acoustic value you will get from it after installation. Don’t settle from cheap insulation products because you will be sorely disappointed.

  • 135mm R-value – 3.7
  • 100mm  R-value – 2.5

You should also check with aerolite installers which thickness you should be using for your area. Colder and warmer climates will need thicker insulation products installed to compensate for the weather.


Benefits of Aerolite Insulation


  • Think pink does not burn, its non-combustible
  • Soundproofing properties
  • 50-year lifespan
  • No maintenance required
  • Energy consumption reduction
  • Continued savings
  • Penetration reduction by 87%
  • Guaranteed for 30 years
  • Keeps a constant temperature (year-round)
  • SABS approved
  • Lightweight
  • Eco–friendly
  • Does not attract vermin
  • Cool in Summer
  • Warm in Winter

How Much Does Aerolite cost?


Think pink aerolite is an inexpensive roof insulation product to install. The Aerolite insulation cost to have your home professionally insulated will differ between homes in South Africa. Firstly check which thickness you are going to install. You will also need to take the difficulty of the installation into account. The more difficult the installation the higher the price will be.

Roughly speaking. It should be between R85 per square meter – R110 per square meter for the 135mm think pink. This will be to have the product supplied and professionally installed by ceiling insulation professionals.

The 100mm think pink should be in the region of R69 per square meter – R75 per square meter. This will be to have the product supplied and professionally installed by ceiling insulation professionals.


Choosing Aerolite Installers


Make sure the aerolite installers you choose to insulate your roof are experience and professional. Selecting an aerolite installer based on a cheap insulation price is not the way to go. Insulation is something that you don’t see often. It’s tucked away in your roof. If the aerolite installer has done a shoddy job, the product will not perform well.

Rather select your think pink installer based on reviews. The experienced installers will have a reviews or testimonials page. Take a look at what people are saying about them.


How Does Aerolite Save Money?


There are two weak spots in your home that can drastically change the indoor temperature of your house. The ceiling and the windows. By combating the insulation problems on both the ceiling and your windows, you will control the indoor environment in your home.

Getting the 135mm aerolite installed in South Africa will reduce the heat flow through your ceiling boards. When the heat picks up in summer time your roof void will get filled with heat. Usually, this heat warms up the ceiling boards below and radiates that heat into your home below.

Having the 135mm installed will prevent that from happening. None of the heat that gets trapped in your ceiling penetrates through the ceiling boards. This will naturally keep the inside of your home at a more stable temperature for many years to come.

The 135mm aerolite is the recommended product to use in Johannesburg, Centurion, Pretoria and in Cape Town. for homeowners in Durban (KZN) you will need to use the 100mm aerolite insulation.



If you want to reduce power consumption at home and save on your energy bills. As well as keep cool in summer and warm in winter. Then installing think pink insulation is something you need to do. Call a professional installer and ask for the think pink aerolite price per meter squared to have your home insulated.

The upfront cost may look expensive. But when you consider the fact that it would have paid itself off in 2 – 3 years with continued savings, the aerolite price in South Africa all of a sudden seems very reasonable.